Luminous Gyeongbokgung(Korean Royal Palace) at night

   I went to Gyeongbokgung a few weeks ago. It was totally beautiful with lights!!!!! There were so many people there because it opens at night time only twice a year. I had to wait about 30minutes to get in. I could see only a few limited area, so I wanna go there again at day time to see more.

   The weather was perfect to enjoy the palace even it was crowded. I couldn’t help but take pictures. I was really amazed by the beauty of the color and elaborate patterns of roofs. If I had a good camera and skills, I could take more good pictures.. It was just after watching movie, Gwang-hae(the movie is about the 15th king of Joseon dynasty), so when I went the place the movie was taken and the king had lived, It was more interesting.

   What I found interesting was contrast between the present and the past. I could see high-rise buildings behind of the palace. Also, I thought every trees in the palace were sooooooooo huge, old, elegant, and even misterious. They’ve stood on the ground for hundreds of years. They could see history of the place.

   From now on, I am planning to visit other historic places in Seoul. Even though I’ve already been some places, I wanna go again to find more beauty and wisdom of our ancestors.



Gwanghwamun and a Haetae(a legendary animal)






Inside of Geunjeongjeon and dolls in Hanbok(Korean traditional dress)



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  1. ulstermanabroad

    Fantastic photos, especially of Gyeonghoeru. This is something that I’ll have to do next year. I know that there are also night tours of Changdeokgung, but the tickets seem to sell out almost as soon as they are made available! I am enjoying the Palaces and temples in Korea and even though the Palaces in Seoul are often very busy, they are definitely worth seeing.

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