Kimchi Omurice (Fried Kimchi Rice Omelet)

Kimchi Omurice (Kimchi Omelet Rice)

김치 오므라이스


According to a dictionary, Omurice is….

‘fried rice wrapped in a thin omelet, usually topped with ketchup.’

Today, I’m gonna make an Omurice with Kimchi .


(Click the pictures to enlarge.)

Before cooking the omurice, You need some…

Cooking oil, Sausages, 3 Eggs, an Onion, a Potato, and a Red bell pepper

Most importantly, ★ Kimchi and Rice ★

I prepared both sour(over-fermented) kimchi and fresh kimchi

because I prefer sour kimchi when I fry or boil kimchi. It depends on your taste.

 You can see the difference of the colors and texture of those.

I also used cooked white rice mixed with brown rice.


Now you are ready to start!!!


1. Peel a potato and an onion, then wash all vegetables including kimchi.

If you prefer spicy om-rice, you don’t need to wash it.

Then, beat the eggs and stir.


2. Now it’s time to chop!!!

Cut all vegetables and kimchi into small pieces.

Oh, cut cross the sausages like the picture. They will be sausage flowers. haha.


3. Heat and oil the pan.

First, fry chopped potato for minutes.

Then, fry chopped kimchi and the other chopped vegetables.

Put, some salt and pepper.


4. Fry cooked rice with vegetables until it’s done.

Taste the fried kimchi rice a little before making an omelet.


5. Grill the cut crossed sausages. You’ll see they start to bloom!


6. Heat and oil the pan and pour stired eggs.

We will make egg blanket very~ thin~~~~! So, be careful not to tear the egg blanket.

(Sorry for using the word ‘egg blanket’. I don’t know what is the name of thin fried egg.)

When the egg blanket is almost done, put fried kimchi rice on the blanket. (not too much!)

Then, cover one side of the fried rice. Flip it on a dish carefully!


7. If you made it, now decorate the dish.

Put sauce like ketchup or gochujang sauce on the pretty yellow om-rice!

(I’ve already made the spicy sauce with sesame oil, crushed garlic, ketchup, and gochujang.)



Eat up! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


+ Funny Omuice +

How can you eat those cute sleeping bears? oh….




  1. I’m going to try this! It looks so good and not too hard to make.

  2. Right! It’s very simple way to enjoy rice and eggs. Even though you don’t have some ingredient, it doesn’t matter. Just put anything you want. Don’t forget to add ketchup on it. 🙂

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