Gungjung Tteokbokki (with Soy sauce, Not spicy)

Gungjung Tteokbokki (With soy sauce, Not spicy)

궁중 떡볶이(간장 떡볶이)


I already have posted a spicy tteokbokki recipe. That was a typical tteokbokki. But, there are many kinds of Tteokbokki. So, now I have another tteokbokki with soy sauce. It is a little sweet and not spicy because it doesn’t need to put Gochujang(red pepper paste). In Korea, we call it “Gungjung tteokbokki” or “Soy sauce tteokbokki. “Gungjung” means “royal court”, so it was originally a dish served to kings and royal family in the royal court.

From Wikipedia : The original tteokbokki was a stir-fried dish consisting of garaetteok (cylinder-shaped tteok) combined with a variety of ingredients, such as beef, mung bean sprouts, green onions, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and onions, and seasoned with soy sauce.

So, if you can’t eat spicy tteokbokki, I reccommend to eat gungjung tteokbokki. Let’s cook it with me.


These are all you need for soy sauce tteokbokki.

Main Ingredients :

Rice cake for tteokbokki, Vegetables(I used an onion, bell pepper, mushroom, and broccoli), Beef.

For Seasoning :

Sesame oil, Soy sauce, Sugar, Crushed garlic, Pepper, Oligosaccharide(Because I don’t want lots of sugar)


① Marinate the rice cake and beef while you cut the vegetables. First, you need to put rice cake into boiled water for a while until they are getting soft, then marinate the rice cake in thesoy sauce mixed with sesame oil. (soy sauce half and sesame oil half). Also, You marinate beef in the soy sauce mixed with sugar, crushed garlic, and pepper.

② Now it’s time to fry the marinated beef and vegetables. Fry the beef first, then the vegetables after because it takes longer to cook the beef than to cook the vegetables.


③ Put the marinated rice cake into the pan and stir them until they are well mixed. You can see the color difference between the pictures below. Oh, Don’t forget to check the taste if it is too salty or too bland. It depends on your taste to put more soy sauce or sugar.


④ It’s done!!!!! Decorate with sesame seed.


Thank you for reading my post.



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