[Food in Korea] September 2012


This post is about the restaurants I went and food I ate in September, 2012.

I do NOT rate those restaurants. But, I LIKED the food they serve and the atmosphere. So, I post it!

You can check the name of the restaurants, food, and the locations below the pictures. (both in English and Korean)

– All pictures were taken by me. –



Vegetable Bibimbap at Do eup ji. (Near the main gate of Kyunghee Uni., Seoul)

Good for lunch and healthy.

도읍지에서 먹은 야채 비빔밥 (서울 회기동 경희대학교 정문 근처)



Seafood pajeon(seafood green-onion pancake) and Seasoned Squid sashimi at Nocheon Pajeon. (Near Hoegi Station, Seoul)

Pajeon with makgeolli(rice wine) are always a good combination when it rains.

노천파전에서 먹은 해물파전과 한치회무침 (회기역 근처)




Jokbal(Glazed pig’s feet) at an restaurant near Gangnam Station, Seoul.

Well… It was really good with Soju(Korean alcohol like vodka).

Sorry that I don’t remember the name of this restaurant.. Shooooot!

강남역 근처 그냥 들어간 이름모를 식당에서 먹은 맛있는 족발




Chicken and chips at Chicken n’ Chips (Near the main gate of Kyunhee Uni., Seoul)

I highly recommend to try chicken here. Also, you can choose some sauces. I liked the onion sauce most.

치맥! 경희대 치킨앤칩스에서.




I went to Soraepogu(Sorae Port) in Incheon to buy some Gizzard shad and flat-fish sashimi.

You can buy seafood for a great price.

인천 소래포구에서 산 전어, 우럭, 광어회



I wanna add this photo.

It was Chuseok(Korean Holiday like Thanksgiving Day). So, I went to visit my relatives and ate a lot!!!

I’ve spent time eating all day long during every Chuseok. Can’t you see the table in the picture? It’s full of delicious food.

I’m already waiting for Chuseok next year! It’s the end of the post. Thank you for reading.



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