Simple Bi Bim Bap (Rice Mixed with Vegetables)

Level of difficulty ★★★ (easy and simple)

Bi Bim Bap

비     빔     밥


‘Bibim’ means ‘mixing’, and ‘Bap’ means ‘rice’ in Korean. So, basically bimbap is a dish of rice mixed with other ingredients such as vegetables and meat. It’s very popular and common food in Korea.

Today I made Bibimbap for dinner by using just rice, vegetables and eggs in my fridge.

It’s very simple to make it. Well… If you are not Korean or don’t live in Korea, it’s pretty difficult to find ingredients like gochujang(red pepper paste) and sesame oil. But, I think you can make it with any ingredients you have.



1. Prepare a bowl and cooked rice (sticky rice for sushi)

2. Put any vegetables or meat you have. Of course you have to make them small.

(I put fresh lettuce, sprouts, chives, Kimch, fried eggplant and green squash. I usually like to put canned tuna, sesame leaf, seasoned beef, fried mushrooms etc…)

3. Put some red pepper paste(Gochujang) and sesame oil.

(They are very important sauce for bibimbap!)

4. I also put some fried sesame and egg.

5. Mix and eat with spoon. 🙂



+how to fry vegetables

(It’s my mother’s recipe)

1. Wash and small slice vegetables. (to be seasoned well and to eat convenient)

2. Heat 1 tablespoon oil on a frying pan. (If you don’t heat the pan first, vegetables stick on the pan.)

3. Add prepared vegetables on the pan and fry them.

4. When the vegetables are half-cooked season with salt, pepper and sesame oil.

5. Taste it. If it’s not that salty and tasty and it’s perfect for bibmbap.

★ If you don’t like fried vegetables / If the vegetable is spinach..

1. Slice and put them in boiled water and boil (Be careful not to be overcooked)

2. Drain, squeeze dry.

3. Season with soy sauce or salt, pepper, sugar, sesame oil.



Here is a link to a recipe for who live in the US.

Click the Bibmbap photo below for details.

(Again, you don’t need to follow everything in recipe. It’s too complecated to follow every details. Make it simple!)

Enjoy Your Meal!

맛있게 드세요!


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